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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Jonathan Östlund is one of those contemporary composers who writes music with natural poetic melodies and highly sophisticated harmonies, blending tradition with contemporary expression. The music flows with extremely flexible interpretation, with both dramatic climaxes and romantically soft sections, with variations in color, texture, emotion and narrative expression. Full of passion, emotion, fatality... ”

Jan Hocek (His Voice, Czech Republic)

“Östlund's signature, like Debussy and Schumann in the great tradition, merges atmosphere, mystery, fantasy, and fairy tale. The sensation of Nachtmusik is so strong that one can approach [Lunaris] these two discs as a single narrative of encounters by moonlight. [Östlund's] personal vocabulary—striking, often repetitive rhythms, dashes of Shostakovich and Prokofiev, diatonic harmonies that bend in other directions, and remembrances of vocal traditions from Arabia and the Orient that decorate the lyrical line with melismatic flourishes—is markedly original. [I] feel enriched by stepping into his world of fancy free.”

Huntley Dent (Fanfare)

"There is a terrific swirl of music headed by the flute as the instrumentalists rush to the coda with a flourish. This is a most entertaining piece. [...] 'Winter Vigil', a piece that slowly develops through some quite lovely passages, conjuring some very fine images whilst giving the impression of an improvisation. At times the music gains an almost Bach like flow before rippling phrases lead to the coda. This is a particularly fine piece[...] Jonathan Östlund is a composer who reveals an ability to create works that are magical, playful and energetic, but always with a distinctive sound, a sound that will surely appeal to a wide audience."

Bruce Reader (The Classical Reviewer)



Spring 2023

NEW double album "Elysían";

a new Special Creative Project of,

to be released under Divine Art Records


Summer 2023

NEW album "Reveries";

a new Special Creative Project of,

to be released under Divine Art Records

"Elysían" features recordings with:

Natalie Anston [Soprano; Piano con Voce],   

Evgheny Brakhman [Piano],   

Martina Bortolotti von Haderburg [Soprano],

Edward Cohen [Piano],   

Inga Feter [Piano; Piano con Voce]  

Myriam Hidber Dickinson [Flute],  

Patrick Jablonski [Piano], 

Esau Jovane [Violin/Viola],

Laura Kimmel [Mezzo-Soprano],

Luca Schinai [Piano],

Nikita Stepanenko [Piano],

Serene Yu [Piano], 

Alexander Zagorinsky [Cello], 

Maria Zagorinskaya [Soprano], 

Nizhny Novgorod Soloists    

& additional artists T.B.A.​


Spring 2021

Double album:

"Imago" [Miss Flute - Special Creative Projects

Brochure and Direct purchase

"Imago" features recordings with: 

Maria Zagorinskaya [Soprano],

Lina Ferencz [Mezzosoprano],

Esther Haarbeck [Leader] & Coro Calliope [Mixed Choir],

Myriam Hidber Dickinson [Flute],

Anna Noakes [Flute],

Christine Elizabeth Hoerning [Clarinet],

Ursula Leveaux [Bassoon],

Laurence Perkins [Bassoon],

Oleg Egorov [French Horn],

Gabriella Dall'Olio [Harp],

Evgheny Brakhman [Piano],

Stefan Cassar [Piano],

Caroline Doerge [Piano],

Walter Gatti [Piano],

Nataly Grines [Piano],

Sasha Grynyuk [Piano],

Vladimir Kharin [Piano],

Andrea Pedrazzini [Piano],

Mauro Zappalà [Piano],

Andreas Laake [Violin],

Yan Li [Violin|Viola],

Paola Nervi [Violin],

Yukiko Ogura [Viola],

Martha Potulska [Viola],

Elena Saccomandi [Viola],

String ensemble from the Soloists of Nizhny Novgorod Soloists; Violins: Anastasiya Bogdanova, Vladimir Plaksin, Dmitriy Stoyanov, Violas: Vsevolod Lysenko, Natalia Milova,

Cellos: Oksana Tchekhova, Natalia Telminova,

Double-bass: Artem Volkov.

Andreas Laake [Conductor]

& Orchestra da Camera del Locarnese


January 2020

New album: "Mistral" [Divine Art]

Brochure & Direct purchase

"Mistral" features recordings with:

Thomas Beard [Cello],
Evgheny Brakhman [Piano],
Nataly Grines [Piano],
Rachael Elizabeth Cohen [Flute],
Felix Foster [Horn],
Myriam Hidber-Dickinson [Flute],
Olivier Hebert-Bouchard [Piano],
Christine Elizabeth Hoerning [Clarinet],
Natalia Kovalevskaya [Violin],
Andreas Laake [Violin],
Sydney Links [Viola],
Vlad Podgoretsky [Conductor],
Bow Tie Orchestra & Mixed Chorus.


January 2019

Double album: "Voyages" [Divine Art]

Press Release 

Palette of Previews [from all 38 tracks]

Brochure & Direct purchase


"Voyages" features recordings with:  

Duo Almira [Flute & Bassoon], 

Evgheny Brakhman [Piano],

Walter Gatti [Organ],

Manon Gleizes [Soprano],

Sasha Grynyuk [Piano],

Myriam Hidber-Dickinson [Flute],

Christine Elizabeth Hoerning [Clarinet],

Harry Polda [Piano],

Elena Saccomandi [Violin],

Artyom Safronov [Tenor],

Alicja Śmietana [Violin],

Vladimir Spector [Violin],

Einar Steen-Nøkleberg [Piano],

Trio Tempora [Clarinet, Cello, Piano],

Alexander Zagorinsky [Cello], 

Ksenia Zuleva [Viola],

Ensemble NEO,

Umeå Symphony Orchestra


January 2016

Double album release "Lunaris" [Divine Art]

Brochure & Direct purchase

"Lunaris" features recordings with:

Ruxandra Cioranu (soprano)

Lydia Hillerudh (cello)

Yoana Karemova (piano)
Ariel Jacob Lang (violin)

Ursula Leveaux (bassoon)

Eleonore Pameijer (flute) 
Einar Steen-Nøkleberg (piano)

Blandine Waldmann (piano)

Alexander Zagorinsky (cello)
The Cellini Quartet

E V E N T S​

Summer 2021 - Autumn 2022

New Recordings

for the double album "Elysían",

& for the album "Reveries", 

created in: Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, U.K., U.S.A., Czech Republic, Russia and Hong Kong.

Spring 2021

NEW Album Release:

"Imago"; double album released as a

Special Creative Project of Miss Flute, Switzerland


August 2020

New Recordings with:

Soprano Maria Zagorinskaya,

Piano Evgheny Brakhman,

Piano Nataly Grines,

French Horn Oleg Egorov,

and String Ensemble from the Nizhny Novgorod Soloists Orchestra


WP of 

Fantasie über ‘O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden’;

Mezzosoprano Lina Ferencz 

& Organ Katharina Hieke,

Vienna, Austria

July 2020

New Recordings with:

Organ Walter Gatti,

Viola Elena Saccomandi,

Violin Paola Nervi


New recordings with:

Mezzosoprano Lina Ferencz

Viola|Violin Yan Li,

Viola Marta Potulska,

Piano Mauro Zappala,

Piano Vladimir Kharin.

Vienna, Austria

Studio recordings with:

Piano Caroline Doerge,

Violin Andreas Laake.


Studio recording with

Coro Calliope [Mixed Choir]

Choir Leader Esther Haarbeck 


April 2020

Studio recording with

Flute Myriam Hidber-Dickinson


February 2020

Studio recordings

Flute Myriam Hidber-Dickinson, 

Piano Stefan Cassar


January 2020

NEW Release:

"Mistral", Divine Art Records

WPs of:

'La nuit étoilée',

'La neige de Noël',

'Mariä Wiegenlied'

and 'Midnight Hour

[Mezzosoprano, Flute, Piano & String Orchestra],

Cond. Andreas Laake,

Mezzosoprano Lina Ferencz,

Flute Myriam Hidber-Dickinson,

Piano Andrea Pedrazzini

Ascona, Switzerland  

Concert info

Studio recording with

Piano Sasha Grynyuk

London, UK

Studio recording with:

Bassoon Ursula Leveaux,

Bassoon Laurence Perkins  

London, UK

Studio recording with:

Harp Gabriella Dall'Olio,

Flute Anna Noakes,

Viola Yukiko Ogura

London, UK

November & December 2019

Studio recordings with

Clarinet Christine E. Hoerning

Montreal, Canada

March 2019

Studio recording with:

Piano Nataly Grines,

Piano Evgheny Brakhman


Studio recording with

Flute Myriam Hidber-Dickinson


Studio recording with Verisimo Ensemble

Montreal, Canada

February 2019

Studio recordings with the Bow Tie Orchestra

[based on the National Orchestra of Russia], 

conductor Vladimir Podgoretsky


January 2019

NEW Album Release: 

"Voyages", Divine Art Records

November 2018

Premiere of 'Fantasia on Scarborough Fair'

during Kosova Kamerfest 2018;

Trio Entr'Acte:

Flute Nina Shala, 

Cello Mario Guralumi,

Piano Lirika Pula-Kasapolli

Prishtina, Kosovo

Concert info

WP of 'Night of June[Mixed Choir];

Rilke Ensemblen

Conductor Gunnar Eriksson

Göteborg, Sweden

Concert info

August 2017

WP of 'L'al di la' [Alto Saxophone & Piano],

Duo Macarons

Münster, Germany

excerpt (from the live performance)

May 2017

WP of 'Minuit et Mistrale' [Violin & Piano],

Violin Yury Revich

Piano Matthieu Esnult

Vienna, Austria

March 2017

WP of 'Sonata in Blue' [Trombone & Piano]; 

dedicated to Duo Anasa

Athens, Greece

February 2017

WP of 'Silver Cathedral' [Piano Concertino];

Piano Marilina Tzelepi

Conductor Faidra Giannelou

& OperArt Lab Chamber Symphony Orchestra,

Athens, Greece

October 2016

Recording of 'Air dans l'Air' [Solo Flute]

dedicated to Myriam Hidber-Dickinson 

WP of 'Lune d’Été',

commissioned by La Côte Flûte Festival, 

interpreted by Vega Ensemble

Nyon, Suisse

January 2016

NEW Album Release:

"Lunaris"; Divine Art Records

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