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"Jonathan Ostlund possesses a special sense for melodies and a completely natural
understanding of musical form, composing warm and sincere music."

Fredrik Högberg 
"I really like the music you write, with both dramatic and lyric character, showing
a refined compositional technique with a fresh sense for the harmonic and melodic."
Rolf Martinsson
[Composer and Professor of Composition at the Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden]
"I think you have written an amazing piece!"
[on ‘A Northern Symphony’]
Vladimir Mendelssohn
[Quatuor Enesco, Art. Dir. of Kuhmo Festival, Finland]

"I find Jonathan Ostlund’s music very beautiful!"
Eleonore Pamejier 
[Concert Flutist]
"Jonathan Ostlund - a musical poet... Jonathan has the great skill to put poetry into his compositions. For me he is a musical storyteller. High level compositions with soul and heart. I hope the world will hear a lot of his music."
"It is great! To me it reflects the fast movements of the doves’ wings flying into the sunshine."
[on ‘Air dans l’Air’]
Myriam Hidber-Dickinson 
[Concert Flutist]
"It’s a Masterpiece!"
[on ‘Rêve et Lune’]
Alice Marini 
[Operatic Soprano]

"C'est avec un immense plaisir que j'ai collaboré avec Jonathan Ostlund dans le projet inédit "Lumières" au Cadogan Hall de Londres.
Ses compositions montrent une grande maturité musicale tant dans le maniement de la mélodie et la subtilité de l'harmonie que dans l'aisance à manier différents styles et techniques. C'est un compositeur unique qui fait déjà partie des Grands."
Blandine Waldmann
[Concert Pianist, Producer]

Jonathan Ostlund received his BA and MA in Composition at Lulea University of Technology,

Sweden, and has studied under the artistic guidance of Prof. Rolf Martinsson, Prof. Jan Sandstrom

and Prof. Sverker Jullander, so far completing approx. 90 works, including several orchestral pieces

and a Piano Concerto.

Among his recent achievements is the selection and participation with several works in London Schubert Players' Invitation to Composers project; an international composition competition, which resulted in CD-releases, work publications and public performances in the U.K., France and Romania throughout 2010 and 2011.

In 2012 he was Finalist of the Oslo Grieg Festival and won the Public Choice Award with the Sonata

for Cello & Piano; 'Night-struck', premiered by Alexander Zagorinsky and Einar Steen-Nokleberg, and was awarded First Prize in the Leicester Symphony Orchestra Composer Composition with his 'Celebration Fanfare & Procession', which was premiered during the Orchestra's 90th Season Gala.

In 2013 ‘Lumière d’Étoiles’, written in honour of the Silvestri Centenary, received a WP in the U.K.

and a French Premiere, along with 'Rêve et Lune'. That same year he was selected as Finalist in the Composer Competition of the Festival Mondial De L'Image Sous-Marine.

The year 2014 brought the music of Jonathan Ostlund to the Cadogan Hall stage with 'Lumieres',

a rich programme incorporating 10 of his pieces, in various constellations for flute, piano and

string quartet, under the interpretation of Eleonore Pameijer, Blandine Waldmann and the Cellini Quartet. That same year, ‘Night-struck’ received a Russian premiere by Alexander Zagorinsky and

Einar Steen-Nøkleberg during the Moscow International Contemporary Music Autumn Festival.

In 2015, Jonathan Östlund was a winner in the IBLA Grand Prize in the category 'Most Distinguished Musician' and received a Special Mention for his piece 'Ethereal Night's Ascendance' for Symphony Orchestra.

The double CD "Lunaris", presenting 31 tracks of Jonathan's chamber music works, is released by

Divine Art label in 2016 to critical acclaim, year in which his piece 'Winter Cathedral' for Grand Organ is premiered during the LFCCM at St.Pancras Church, in London, and his piece 'Lune d'Éte', commissioned by the La Côte Flûte Festival, is premiered by Vega Ensemble in Switzerland.

In 2017 Marilina Tzelepi premieres in Athens, Greece, Östlund's Piano Concertino 'Silver Cathedral', with Faidra Giannelou conducting OperArtLab & Chamber Symphony Orchestra, and, together with Yannis Kaikis, as part of Duo Anasa, Östlund's 'Sonata in Blue' for Trombone and Piano. Yury Revich and Matthieu Esnult premiere 'Minuit et Mistrale' in Vienna, Austria. 

The double digital album "Voyages", presenting 38 tracks of Jonathan's new chamber works, and also including orchestral works, works for Grand Organ, and works for Voice, is released in 2019 under Divine Art; Press Release  |  Palette of Previews | Info & Purchase

He is currently preparing new recordings, and the World Premiere of his Concerto for Piano & Symphony Orchestra, and the World Premiere of his Concerto for Violin & Symphony Orchestra, works which will be featured on a new double CD.

Jonathan Östlund is delighted to be part of the artistic program of Meze Audio;

for further info & updates with regards to this special ongoing collaboration please view

the Collaborations page. 

CD releases featuring works by Jonathan Ostlund:

* (2020) 'Mistral'; Divine Art

* (2019) 'Voyages'; Divine Art

* (2016) 'Lunaris'; Divine Art

* (2012) 'A European Odyssey'; Nimbus

* (2011) 'Enescu's Farewell'; RMA  

* (2011) 'The Trout, the Nightingale and the Double Bass'; RMA

* (2010) 'The Outermost Gate'; RMA

Special Thanks to:


* Divine Art 

* Meze Audio

* Alexander Zagorinsky & Einar Steen-Nokleberg

* Alexander Volkov; State House of Broadcasting and Audio Recording, Moscow, Russia

* Andy Whitmore, James Waldron|James Julian Sounds, Matt Knight; Greystoke Studio, London, U.K. 

* Ilona Oltuski

* Carole ReugeLa Côte Flûte Festival

* London Schubert Players, Invitation to Composers


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