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Musicians featured on 'Lunaris':


Ruxandra Cioranu (soprano)

Lydia Hillerudh (cello)

Yoana Karemova (piano)
Ariel Jacob Lang (violin)

Ursula Leveaux (bassoon)

Eleonore Pameijer (flute) 
Einar Steen-Nøkleberg (piano)

Blandine Waldmann (piano)

Alexander Zagorinsky (cello)
The Cellini Quartet

'Lunaris' program:

Lunaris (voice/piano)
Opus Pocus Fantienne (flute/piano)
Phantasion (flute/piano)
Air dans l'air (flute solo)
Lumière d'étoiles (piano solo)
Fantasia on Scarborough Fair (flute/cello/piano)
Rencontre (flute/piano)
The Wizard (flute/violin/cello/piano)
Rêverie - Jeux de pluie (string quartet)
Night-struck (cello/piano)
Winter Vigil (piano solo)
Rêve et Lune (voice/piano)
Miroir d'un mirage (piano solo)
La Féerique et Pierrot (voice/piano)
The Frog Pond (bassoon/piano)
Music at Moonrise (voices/violin/piano)

"Jonathan Östlund's music is poetic, with poetry being his prevailing source of inspiration.
He expertly handles sophisticated harmonies, coupled with a natural melody and lyricism. He embodies luminous, contemporary and varied music which never loses
its humanity and expressiveness. His style belongs to the great composers of this century."
Blandine Waldmann
[Concert Pianist,
Art. Dir. of Clavis Production]
"Ein sehr elegantes Schtuck!, 
‘It's my favourite piece in this year’s competition!"
[on ‘Night—struck’ winning the Audience's Award at Oslo Grieg Festival, 2012]
Alexander Zagorinsky
[Cello Maestro,
Honorary Artist of Russia]
"Jonathan Östlund is a composer who reveals an ability to create works that are magical, playful and energetic, but always with a distinctive sound, a sound that will surely appeal to a wide audience."
Bruce Reader 
[The Classical Reviewer]
"The double CD 'Lunaris' is a treasure trove of superb new vocal and chamber works in a diverse array of styles, performed by leading international soloists
and the Cellini Quartet."
Stephen Sutton 
[Divine Art label]

All compositions © Jonathan Östlund, published by ZEN Editions™

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