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Selection of Works & Works in Progress


Concerto No. I for Violin & Symphony Orchestra 

[in 3 mvt.; mvt. I,  mvt II, mvt. III]

Concerto No. II for Violin & Symphony Orchestra 

Works for Symphony Orchestra

‘Mercuria’ [in 3 mvt.]

'The Aura'

WP: Sweden

'Celebration Fanfare & Procession'


'Ethereal Night's Ascendance'

'Hyde and Seek' [Cantata]

for Solo Baritone, Mixed Chorus, Organ & Grand Symphony Orchestra

'Le Voyage Au-dela'

'Mouvement Symphonique'

'Midwinter' [Symphonic Sketches] /excerpt 'Midwinter Legend'

‘Nocturnal Flights of the Phoenix’

WP: Sweden

‘Nocturnal Spell’

'Nocturnia' for Mixed Chorus, Grand Organ & Symphony Orchestra


'Stellarium' [in 3 mvt.] * 2nd mvt.

'The Clouds Wander with Burdened Minds'

'The Seven Seas'

‘Utopia’/'The Sonorous Blue'

for Two Grand Pianos, Harp & Grand Symphony Orchestra

Works for Chamber Orchestra

‘A Northern Symphony’ [Hommage à Georges Enesco], [in 3 mvt.], 

for 12 Solo Instruments;

Flute, Oboe, Cor Anglais, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet,

Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Piano


'Dancing Shadows'

'Eine Sylvesternachtmusic' for Mixed Chamber Ensemble

'Journey for the Heart of Joy' for Piano & String Orchestra

'Lotus Garden' for Soprano & Chamber Orchestra


'Primavera' for Piano & String Orchestra

'Silver Cathedral' Piano Concertino [in 3 mvt.]

WP: Greece

'Storm' [Tempête]


'The Forgotten Garden' for Solo Oboe, Narration & Chamber Orchestra

'The Starry Night' for Soprano, Piano & Chamber Orchestra

'The Time Traveller' for Solo Piano & Chamber Orchestra  

'Twilight Ride'


Choral Works

‘Night  of June’ [poem by Harry Martinson] for Chorus,

WP: Sweden

alternative version for Oboe & String Ensemble 

‘Gethsemane’ for Mixed Choir, Organ & Orchestra 

'Polaris' for Grand Chorus


‘Astray’ for Mezzo Soprano|Baritone, Flute, & Piano

'Berceuse Bergamasque' for Soprano & Piano

'Erlkönig' for Tenor & Piano|Soprano & Piano

‘La Féerique et Pierrot’ Vocalize [in 3 mvt.] for Soprano & Piano * mvt. III

'La Peri des Vents' for Voice, Flute and Piano 

'La Sirena' Vocalize for Soprano, French Horn, Piano & String Ensemble 

'La neige de Noël'; Vocalize for Mezzosoprano, Flute, Piano & String Orchestra

WP: Switzerland

'La nuit étoilée'; Vocalize for Mezzosoprano, Flute, Piano & String Orchestra

WP: Switzerland

'Lune d'Été​' for Soprano, Flute, Cello, Piano & Percussion

WP: Switzerland

'Mariä Wiegenlied'; Mezzosoprano, Flute, Piano & String Orchestra 

WP: Switzerland

'Midnight Hour'; Mezzosoprano, Flute, Piano & String Orchestra

WP: Switzerland

'O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden​' for Soprano & Organ

WP: Austria

‘Rêve et Lune' [Evelyne]; Vocalize for Soprano & Piano * [music score excerpt]

Chamber Works

'52nd Street Tune' for Jazz Quartet

‘Air dans l’Air’ for Solo Flute /rec. w. Christine Hoerning; Solo Clarinet version

WP: UK  

'Along a Sunray' for Flute & Bass Guitar * alt. version for Solo Piano

'Après l’hiver' for Flute & Clarinet

‘Art Nuages’ [in 5 mvt.] for Two Pianos; mvt. II 'Friend Ship' & mvt. III 'The Distant Near' * [music score excerpt]

'Aquarelle' for Flute, Harp & String Quartet

'Autumnal Air' for Alto Flute

'Beneath the Cradle Moon' for Flute, Cello & Piano

'Berceau pour Pierrot' for Flute, Cello & Piano  

'Berceuse' for Flute & String Ensemble

'Blue Lotus' for Solo Piano

'Carousel' for Jazz Ensemble

'Dacian Prayer' for Violin|Cello & Piano * rec. excerpt * [music score excerpt]

‘Dance aux Champs’ [in 2 mvt.] for Flute|Viola & Guitar

'Dawn' for Flute, Clarinet, Harp & String Quartet * [music score excerpt]

'Dawning' for Flute, Violin & Piano

'Dreamy' for Jazz Ensemble

'Elegie' for Solo Piano

'Elysía' for Flute, French Horn & Harp

'Etesian' for Solo Piano

'Fantasie pour Trompette Petite' for Solo Clarinet 

'Favola' for Solo Piano

WP: Sweden


'Frozen Halls' for Solo Piano

'Into the Blue' for Saxophone Quartet & Double Bass

'Irrlicht' for String Quartet

‘Le Jardin Oubliée’ [in 2 mvt., for Mixed Sextet  with Narration], mvt. II 'La Sirène' * [music score excerpt]


'Jeux pour Deux' [in 5 mvt.] for Flute & Bassoon * [music score excerpt], mvt. II

& 'Game for Two' for Duduk & Bass Guitar

'L’air du ménestrel' for Solo Piano

'L'al di là' for Flute & Bassoon|Cello 

'L'al di là' for Oboe|Alto Saxophone & Piano

WP: Germany

'L'al di là theme' for Solo Oboe

'La Neige' for Solo Piano

'La Tombe de Lili' for Solo Piano

'Le Berceau Lunaire' for Chamber Ensemble 

‘Lumière d’Étoiles’ [in 2 mvt.] for Solo Piano


'Lumières de Jardin' for Solo Piano

'Madame Mômpeux' for Alto Saxophone & Piano

'Mobius' for Chamber Ensemble

'Moment Intemporel' for Solo Piano

'Momentum' for Chamber Ensemble

'Monsieur Montreux' Suite for Saxophone Quartet

'Minuit et Mistrale' for Violin & Piano | 'Dance on Glowing Strings' for Violin & Piano * [music score excerpt

WP: Austria

'Mistrale' for Two Pianos

‘Miroir d’un Mirage’ Suite for Solo Piano [in 6 mvt.; mvt. I 'O' & mvt. II 'N' & mvt. IV 'I' & mvt. VI 'E']

'Moonlight Promenade' for Jazz Ensemble


'Moonlight Weave' for Solo Piano

WP: Sweden

'Music at Moonrise' for Violin & Piano


'Night-struck'; Sonata for Cello & Piano [in 3 mvt.], mvt. II

WP: Norway

'Nostalgia' for Flute & Violin

'Nuages' for Solo Piano

'Oblivion' for Piano Quartet * [music score excerpt]

'Ogive' for Trumpet, Trombone & Grand Organ

‘Opus Pocus Fantienne' for Flute & Piano * [music score excerpt


'Pantomime [of The Wizard]' for Two Pianos

‘Phantasion’ for Flute & Piano


'Phantomime' for Solo Piano

'Poesis' for Solo Piano

‘Rencontre’ for Flute & Piano


'Rêve et Lune' for Flute & Piano


‘Rêverie - Jeux de Pluie’ for String Quartet



'Saga' for Solo Flute

'Septet Singulier' for Solo Viola, Solo Piano & String Quintet

‘Sonata in Blue’ [in 2 mvt.] for Trombone|Double Bass & Piano

WP: Greece

'Spellsound' for Jazz Ensemble

'Tippy-toe & Stumblebum'

'Tempestoso' for Two Pianos

'The Frog Pond' for Bassoon & Piano, alternative version for Tuba & Piano 

‘The Outermost Gate’ for Solo Violin, Solo Piano & String Quintet

WP: Romania 

'The Stair' for Grand Organ

'The Transcending Veil' for Two Pianos

‘The Wizard’ for Flute, Violin, Cello & Piano 


‘Three Poems’ for Solo Viola, Solo Piano & String Quintet


'Träumgewalt' & 'Weiter in den Wald' for Chamber Ensemble

'Trains' for Jazz Ensemble 

'Tranquillienne' for Soprano, Flute, Horn, Cello, Harp & Suspended Cymbal

'Turquoise' for Flute, French Horn & Piano

'Twice upon a Time' for Bass Guitar & Duduk

'Twilight Veil' for String Quartet

'Twilight Wind and Mandolin' for Flute & Harp|Violin & Piano

'Valse d'Été' for Solo Guitar|Harp

'Visions on the Wind' for Solo Piano * [music score excerpt]

'Waiting for Pierrot' for Harp & Piano

'Winter Cathedral' for Grand Organ


'Winter Vigil' for Solo Piano * [music score excerpt]

Fantasias & Arrangements:

* 'Hommage' [J. S. Bach Variations] for Chamber Ensemble

* 'Hommage' for Solo Piano

* Paraphrase on 'Komm süßer Tod, komm selge Ruh' by J. S. Bach 

* 'Fantasia on J. S. Bach's Badinerie' for Solo Piano

* 'Bach in the Andes' for Chamber Ensemble

* 'Kind of Bach' for Two Pianos

* 'Introspections on La Folia' for Solo Piano

* 'Paganini Fantasia' for Solo Violin

WP: Italy

* 'Paganini Paraphrase' for Electric Bass Guitar

* Arr. of 'Der Leiermann' by Franz Schubert, for Solo Piano

* 'Wagnerations' [in 2 mvt.] for Grand Organ

* 'Camelot' [Wagnerations] for Mixed Trio

* 'Promenades' for Solo Cello [Variations on a theme by Mussorgsky]

* 'Bassed on Grieg' for Electric Bass Guitar |'Air on a Grieg theme' for Alto Flute

* Arr. of ‘Got A Match’ by Chick Corea for Saxophone, Guitar and Bass

* 'Fantasia on In Our Meadow' [Swedish folk tune]

* 'Fantasia on Two Ancient Swedish Hymns' [in 2 mvt.] for Flute, French Horn, Harp, Susp Cymbal & Strings |alt. version for Grand Organ


'Folklore Fantasia' [in 3 mvt.] for Solo Piano

Variations on 'Winds of Spring' [Swedish folk tune] for Solo Violin

* Fantasia on 'Winds of Spring' for Solo Flute

* Arr. of 'May I leave for You some Flowers' [poem by Nils Ferlin]

* Arr. of 'Summer Wind' by Alice Tegner 

* Arr. of 'Land of Prosperity' by Oskar Lindberg

'Rhapsodie Hommage à C M Bellman' for Chamber Orchestra

* Arr. of 'Like a Shepherdess' by C M Bellman, for Flute & Harp  

* 'Pastorale' [Variations on a song by C M Bellman] for Flute, Oboe & Clarinet; Voice & Cembalo; Flute & Piano

* Arr. of 'Stolta Stad' ['Proud City'] by C M Bellman, for Piano

* Paraphrase on 'Empty your Glass' by C M Bellman, for Trumpet & Piano

* 'Quartet of the Wind' on a theme by G F Handel 

'Afternoon of a Dawn' for Flute & Piano

* 'Petite nocturne bleue' Mozart Paraphrase for Solo Piano

* 'Fantasie sur [Au] Clair de [la] Lune' for Two Pianos

* Arr. of 'Down by the Salley Gardens' [Ancient Irish Folk-song] for Flute & Harp

* Arr. of 'The Last Rose of Summer[Ancient Irish Folk-song] for Flute & Piano

* Arr. of 'My Gentle Harp' [Trad.] for Flute, Violin & Harp|Piano

* Arr. of 'When the Boat Comes In' for Flute & Harp

* Arr. of 'The Old'  [Ancient Welsh Folk-song] for Vocal Ensemble 

* Fantasia on Scarborough Fair’ for Flute, Cello & Piano


* Variations on 'Drunken Sailor' for Solo Piano 

* Arr. of Two Choruses 

* Arr. of 'Maria Wiegenlied' by Max Reger, for Chamber Ensemble

* Arr. of 'Midwinter Night' [Swedish Carol] for Clarinet, Violin & Cello

* Arr. of 'To Bethlehem my Heart' [Christmas Psalm] by Hans Adolph Brorson, for Piano, Violin & Bassoon 

* Arr. of 'Behold, we go to Jerusalem' for Mixed Choir & Piano

* Arr. of 'Tidings of Comfort and Joy' for Jazz Ensemble

'Happy Birthday Overture'

All compositions © Jonathan Östlund
For any enquiries, including purchase of scores please use the contact form. 

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